Thursday, November 20, 2008



J. Hyde said...

I knew a man who bound himself to a type-writer-desk by rope, with the exception of one arm. He had affixed numerous glass containers to his flesh with spirits. The insects contained therein bit him at regular intervals. His free hand pressed the space bar at regular intervals, corresponding with the bites he received.
I knew a man who bit into a corned beef sandwich with aplomb. His left incisor chipped on a fragment of bone. He passed his dental fragment with the flax seeds that had been individually hand-glued to the loaf of his dreams; a loaf touched by minute hands.
I knew a man who knew the prior man in a way that suggested warmth...and the rising of a new paradigm.
I knew a man who careened and pruned in a cold-hard wind of smoke. His hair wound down in a torment of flux and infatuation.

E said...

it has nice contrast. your drawings seem to have quiet, humble personalities.